SmartFTP Version 9.0.2784.0 Free trial

Transfer files from local computer to internet servers simply by drag and drop, upload and download documents and media files with one click

SmartFTP is a solid FTP client that enable the users to upload and download files from the webservers. This FTP client has a windows explorer like interface which might looked a little complex at first but you can always customize the toolbars for convenience. The file transfer is like other basic FTP clients where you drag and drop transfers. But it is popular because of the additional features. SmartFTP offers background file transfer options with CHMOD remote file attribute modification. There is also the Global Queue window, with which you can schedule file download and uploads. File transfer and storage will be very easy if you use this client for your server. There are also passive mode transfers and site to site transfer options for the advanced users. This FTP client support multiple connections, therefore ideal to be used in a shared network. SmartFTP can utilizes proxy or SSL connections too. This FTP client is more organized and equipped with lots of customizable features. You can also manage speedy file sharing, and create backup. It also supports background file transfer, SSL or proxy server, passive transfer, FXP, and multiple FTP connections. Therefore to get the best out of it, experience about similar software is required. But the beginners can use it to because the interface is detailed and easier to navigate. There is also help option and user guide which can be downloaded for reference.
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